Hi friends!

Chelsea here! I am the lady behind the lens and I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and my brand. I am based out of Oklahoma, but love to travel. I am very passionate about documenting love stories.  I love to make people genuinely smile and laugh  // Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Let’s be honest.. How many career paths let you enjoy all of your clients happiest moments? I am blessed in the fact that I get to witness the groom’s face light up as his bride walks down the aisle. I get to eat the BEST cake! I get to enjoy those baby laughs, first steps and all the fun mile stones. I get to have a front row seat at so much happiness! This is by far the BEST job! I enjoy photography because it allows me to create. I get to empower my grown up clients and play with my kiddie clients. I look forward to getting to know you more, and ultimately building a friendship, not just clientele. I want to create heirloom moments of your family to pass down for many generations to come!


Now on a personal level:

On weekends you may find me at the lake, camping or hopefully at your wedding! On week nights I am usually shooting sessions, enjoying family time, chasing around my now mobile baby girl, and editing your sweet photos. Throw in some laundry and dishes and it is just a wild night! I adore my husband who is oh so understanding of the biz and how busy it keeps me. He is the all-american hottie that I can’t believe I snagged! He is always in my corner and rooting for me and my dreams.  #winning


A few more things that I love :

Being a mom. // Not sure what I did before Rylee girl.

Being a wife. // I really did luck out with my hubbs.

Lake Tenkiller. // Lake rat here.

Picking blueberries at my parent’s farm. // They are quarter size y’all.

More importantly, eating the blue berries. // They are fab!

All sweet candy. // Sour too.

My niece pup, Taz. // Everyone needs a dog in their life.

My family // Blessed with the BEST!

Anything and everything arts and crafts.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee / Caramel Macchiato, please.

Camping. In the fall. // I don’t like to sweat if I don’t have to.

Fruits and veggies.

With a side of pepperoni pizza.

Squeezing puppies.

Kissin’ babies.


That’s enough about me! What I really look forward to is getting to know you more! Let’s plan your next session or your wedding day timeline! You can reach me by email, call or text! I’m not picky!

chelsealittletonphotography@gmail.com   //   918.774.8791


Thanks again for stopping by!


Let’s be friends!


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