Hi, I’m Chelsea!

I am the lady behind the lens and I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and my brand. I am based out of Oklahoma, but love to travel. I am very passionate about documenting love stories.  I love to make people genuinely smile and laugh  // Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Let’s be honest.. How many career paths let you enjoy all of your clients happiest moments? I am blessed in the fact that I get to witness the groom’s face light up as his bride walks down the aisle. I get to eat the BEST cake! I get to enjoy those baby laughs, first steps and all the fun mile stones. I get to have a front row seat at so much happiness! This is by far the BEST job! I enjoy photography because it allows me to create. I get to empower my grown up clients and play with my kiddie clients. I look forward to getting to know you more, and ultimately building a friendship, not just clientele. I want to create heirloom moments of your family to pass down for many generations to come!


Now on a personal level:

On weekends you may find me at the lake, camping or hopefully at your wedding! On week nights I am usually shooting sessions, enjoying family time, chasing around my now two year old girl, and editing your sweet photos. Throw in some laundry and dishes and it is just a wild night! I adore my husband who is oh so understanding of the biz and how busy it keeps me. He is the all-american hottie that I still can’t believe I snagged! He is always in my corner and rooting for me and my dreams.  #winning


A few more things that I love :

Being a mom // Not sure what I did before Rylee girl

Being a wife // I really did luck out with my hubbs

Lake Tenkiller // Lake rat here

Picking blueberries at my parent’s farm // They are quarter size y’all

More importantly, eating the blue berries // They are fab!

All sweet candy // Sour too

My niece pup, Taz // Everyone needs a dog in their life

My family // Blessed with the BEST!

Anything and everything arts and crafts

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee / Caramel Macchiato, please.

Camping in the fall // I don’t like to sweat if I don’t have to

Fruits and veggies

With a side of pepperoni pizza

Squeezing puppies

Cuddling babies


That’s enough about me! What I really look forward to is getting to know you more! Let’s plan your next session or your wedding day timeline! You can reach me by email, call or text! 

chelsealittletonphotography@gmail.com   //   918.774.8791


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