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        I pray that when my future grand babies ask their mamas about the year 2020, the year when the world suddenly changed, that my girls won’t remember a time of fear, the masks that we wore or all the hate and evil in the world. I pray that they won’t remember the anxiety and depression I experienced or my short temper and lack of patience. Instead, I pray that they will remember the days where we suddenly slowed down and life drew a tighter circle around our family. The days where we were all home as a family 24/7 enjoying extra time together. I pray their memories are filled with the days where they were completely carefree, running barefoot outside in the yard and playing baby dolls together from the time they woke up until they went to bed. I hope they remember the fun they had getting to stay up extra late, sleeping in even later and rarely getting out of their pjs because we had no where to go. I hope they remember it as the year that mama got bored and started collecting farm animals and even though daddy said he wanted absolutely nothing to do with them, the chickens imprinted on him and followed him around nonstop like little puppies and we all had lots of laughs about it. I hope they remember it as the year that daddy hand built the coolest playhouse ever and the year they ate many afternoon lunches on its deck. I pray they remember 2020 as the year we worked together as a family to grow our very first vegetable garden and the evenings spent arguing over who got to carry Great Grandma Waldrop’s basket to gather the veggies in.  I hope my girls remember the evenings we spent watching the sun go down while tending to the goats and chickens. I hope they remember the days where we weren’t on the go constantly, stopped eating out and instead we baked and cooked more than ever and ate supper together around the dinner table. I hope they remember all the books that we read together, the fun craft projects we did, the blanket forts that we built, the backyard pool parties and the evenings spent playing in the sprinklers. But most of all, I pray they remember the year 2020 as the year that their sisterhood grew and their bond became closer than it had ever been before. 

        I’m so thankful that my cousin Chelsea Littleton was able to capture a few of these moments. Our little evening routine is something we all look forward to every night and she captured it so perfectly." - Kendra Waldrop

        Sunset Chores

        This family had me so infatuated with their nightly chores of feeding the animals, putting away the chickens, and checking the garden together! It was full of giggles and lots of running! I loved chasing them in all the directions to capture their little personalities and the true charm of farm life. It was a bright light during such a weird and dark time in history.It made me want to instantly start looking for land and buying goats of my own! They even sent me home with a load of squash and zucchini and it was delicious! I’ve never been eloquent when it comes to words. I truly think I was born to express my feelings through imagery and I hope I did this family justice in telling their story through these photos. But I had to share the beautiful words of this mama:

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