This engagement session was everything! We traipsed all over their family land and even got to “play with” the cows! I am so looking forward to their in-home session when they are done renovating. It is seriously the cutest little cabin with the cutest kitchen I’ve ever seen! If you scroll all the way through, you’ll get to see some pretty amazing golden hour light! C+J-40C+J-1C+J-2C+J-3C+J-4C+J-5C+J-6C+J-7C+J-8C+J-9C+J-11C+J-13C+J-15C+J-16C+J-17C+J-18C+J-19C+J-20C+J-21C+J-22C+J-23C+J-24C+J-25C+J-26C+J-27C+J-28C+J-29C+J-30C+J-31C+J-32C+J-33C+J-34C+J-35C+J-36C+J-37C+J-39

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