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        To say this couple is adventurous would be an understatement! I have known Jonathan since elementary school and met Ceara when they started dating in college. They compliment each other perfectly and I feel so honored that they asked me to take these photos for them. Jonathan has always been top of his class and very smart – i.e. putting a ring on this girl’s finger. He has built computers and even helped me pass chemistry! haha! Since high school, Jonathan has pursued his passion of aviation and is now a licensed pilot! Ceara is a catch too! She’s brains, beauty, and has the best personality. We clicked instantly! She recently passed her professional engineering test too and I know she is going to kill it in the industry! When they approached me about doing an aviation focused engagement session, they were still in the works of purchasing their very first plane (which is a lengthy process to say the least)! I am so glad we waited until they got “The Musketeer” aka “The Mouse”, as opposed to using someone else’s plane. I know they are about to go on so many adventures in THIS plane and these photos will mean so much more to them 50 years down the road! As if this session couldn’t get any better, scroll through to the end to see what I got to do after the session!

        *Press play to listen to this song – It goes perfectly with the images*


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