TO MENU

        This maternity shoot was so fun and unique! We broke the normal ‘field and pretty dress’ standards and went full on Bad A$$ parents coming in hawt! I loved helping style this one. I sent them a mood board of what I thought would look good and Addy didn’t disappoint when she showed up with a bag full of options! In case you don’t know – women love options – and so do photographers! Not all things photograph equally so her bag of tricks and accessories was welcomed with open arms!

        From the Vans to the bandana and the earth tones to the second outfit that screamed a “I’m a force to be reckoned with” their vibes and outfits really made it EASY to get creative. I don’t think photographers touch on this enough, because no one wants to hurt feelings, but the clothes you wear can really make or break a session and the creative brain. Be sure to consult with your photographer on what you like to wear, what helps their creativity flow, and try to meet in the middle or maybe even realize ahead of time that maybe your styles aren’t a great fit together.

        For me: I love love love shooting earth tones, flowy dresses that accentuate movement, worn/distressed denim, whites, neutrals, ribbed – linen – lace – velvet – leather – satin – crochet – muslin – say it with me ” T E X T U R E S ” that help add depth and don’t fall flat in front of the camera.

        My least favorite thing to shoot in an – earthy-carefree type session – are men’s collared shirts. I like to call it the DAD SHIRT. Not the button up dress shirt with the collar. I’m talking about the colorful golf shirt. Now this is different when it comes to extended family shoots, or big group shots, or even mini sessions where you just want 15 minutes of updated photos with your main goal of a smiling at the camera Christmas card shot – they honestly don’t bother me here. BUT when trying to shoot carefree hour long photoshoots full of playing together, that collar just screams “I need to be at work instead.” Or “hey I’m stiff and not in my element.” Wow I really just went off on a tangent haha. But I know I’m not the only photographer out there that has their creativity thrown off by certain types of clothing, right? Comment below if you’re with or against me. haha (but please be nice this is just MY opinion and preferences)

        That’s why art is so subjective though. We all vibe with different looks and that’s why it is so important to check your photographer’s work before booking. If you see all their posts have a certain look and that’s not the look you want – keep searching. You will find your person with a little more research!

        Ok, I’ll get off my soap box! Let’s scroll through their stunning gallery now!

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