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        Ashley has been a dear friend of mine since high school and announced her pregnancy through her Christmas cards this year which was the coolest surprise to pull from my mailbox!! My favorite part is that she didn’t know it was twins when she ordered the cards, so it said something to the tune of “baby #2” and she wrote next to it “x 2” (times two)! At first glance I thought she meant baby #2, and then my eyes got big and I immediately called her and said, did you mean baby number two or two babies?!? TWINS. Ashley was pregnant with TWINS! Fast forward and now we know she’s having two baby boys! I see lots of wrestling in the future.

        Ashley and Bryan have been wanting to purchase land for a little while now (probably a couple of years) and finally found some and closed on it at the end of March! So naturally, we had to shoot their maternity photos on their new land! These photos will mean that much more to them 20, 30, 50 years from now when they look back at them and this season of life. What a sentimental setting. Soon there will be two boys running through puddles on this land along side their big sis Calysee of course. I hope I get to document that season of life too! Chasing after three kiddos and laughing when they all run in opposite directions, I can see it now. I can’t write about this session without mentioning Ashley’s stunning dress with the 10+ foot long cape!! It was a show stopper to say the least!! If anyone is wanting an amazing dress for their upcoming session, I highly suggest checking out Flutter Dress and renting one! They have some amazing choices and not your average dresses. Scroll down to see their golden hour maternity session. It was full of shoulder rides, belly kisses, jelly beans for smiles, and lots of cuddles!!! So so happy for my friends!

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